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List of Payment Processors

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  • Is your product service ready to be deployed but you haven't set up your website to accept customer payments?  Look no further as this resource will give you a list of main payment processors.  A special shout out to SagePay and NetBanx who we have been told offer the most comprehensive solutions! 


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felix fidelsberger said

at 11:31 am on Aug 3, 2009

One of the most important things you have to figure out is whom you are selling to (B2B, B2C, which Countries etc.). This determines which payment methods you must offer (i.e. Only Credit cards are usually not sufficient for B2C sales, you must additionally offer standard domestic payment methods).

Feel free to contract me if you have any questions. We have been through this process before. ff at toksta dot com (felix). Try not to get contracts which are longer than 6 month (preferrably 3). Many payment providers require a 12 month contract but you can usually negotiate.

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