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Business Resources for Startups



Any guidelines I should be aware of?

This wiki has only one cardinal rule:  no self-marketing/promotion (for example: a start-up/company cannot put a link to itself).


Have a suggestion?

Great!  Enter your suggestion as a comment at the bottom of this page (the home page) and on the first line simply put SUGGESTION (in capitals please so we can easily see it). Do you have a technical resource to share? Our friends at Songkick have created a wiki for technical resources so feel free to contribute your nugget on their wiki at:  http://startuptools.pbworks.com


At What Stage Are You?


1. Raising Money


     Negotiate Term Sheets


     Starting a company


2. Managing my Business


    Manage your Investors


3. Strategy, Positioning And Company Core Values


    Books To Read To Understand Where To Position Your Business, How To Enter Your Market And What Is At Your Core


    The Best Ways NOT to Fail ("there is no knowledge inside a startup, only assumptions!")


4. Product Development


     SCRUM Methodology


     Development Process




5. Customer Development


     Focus Groups


     Keeping Customers the Focus


     Customer Development Process 101


6. Human Resources




7. Marketing


   General Web Marketing


     SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


     SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


     PPC (Pay-per-Click)


     eMarketing Guide (complete book for reference)


     Marketing Reports and Market Research


     Metrics and Analytics for Startups


     Social Media




8. Finance


     Startup P&L

  • Coming soon!


     Payment Processors


     Recurring Billing



      Startup Friendly Accounting Software - Web Based


      Banking Services

  • Clydesdale Bank a Business Bank Account that lets you use posh offices for client meetings


9. Legal


     Incorporating in the UK


     Incorporating in the US


10. Operations





Comments (5)

David Whitewood said

at 2:26 pm on Aug 4, 2009

SUGGESTION: The British Libray Business & IP Centre provides great resources for entrepreneurs including access to hard to get research data.

Mirwais Zekrya said

at 1:42 pm on Aug 11, 2009

Hi David, thanks for your suggestion, that's a great. Feel free to add it as a page to this wiki if you found it useful!

dan said

at 10:26 am on Aug 17, 2009

SUGGESTION: Would love to see some good articles on bagging an angel investor- ideally with first-hand experiences

Mirwais Zekrya said

at 1:38 pm on Aug 17, 2009

Dan - we'll try to find relevant articles regarding getting funding from an angel investor on-board. I'll send them to you and if you found them useful you can include them in the wiki. Btw - thanks for the great contri regarding HTML Emails, so important for business communications!

All - if you have any articles that are relevant to Dan's request and you found useful do not hesitate to put it up on this wiki and share it with others.


Mirwais Zekrya said

at 1:39 pm on Aug 17, 2009

I forgot - kudos to Dragos too for the HTML Email templates - great timesaver!

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